Essential Oils??

Bare Body Oasis uses a variety of essential oils in our products and wanted to share some things that you may find interesting.

First of all what is an essential oil?

es·sen·tial oil əˈsen(t)SHəl oil/


  1. a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

Essential oils can be extracted from a variety of plants using a variety of plant parts such as the leaves, seeds, fruits or flowers and even the roots. Each essential oil has its own unique fragrance and each serves a variety of purposes.

While we don't know exactly how long essential oils have been is use, it is reported that they date back as far as ancient Africa; specifically Egypt. In fact there is a 110 page manuscript containing 700 formulas and remedies called Ebers Papyrus that details the aromatic, holistic mystical & medicinal uses of plants and their oils. It is believed that during this same time period China and India were also using the essence of plants. Egyptians used essential oils for many purposes. The medicinal knowledge of ancient Egypt was taken over by the Greeks around the time of Hippocrates. Of course, the Romans acquired this knowledge and also utilized essential oils for their medicinal needs. Let us

not forget the Arabian Empire. It was from the knowledge of those before them that Persian physician Avicenna was able to perfect the distillation process of extracting the essence of plants. He was then credited with discovering essential oils.

During the Dark Ages, holistic healing began to give way to modern medicine, but the Renaissance period rekindled interest in essential oils.

Even though I would never deny the accomplishments of modern medicine and I would certainly utilize it, I also believe everything we need is provided here on Earth. Indulging in the benefits of the things provided to us naturally is the way I "treat" myself. "Treat Yourself"

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