Know What's On Your Skin

Have you ever looked down at your hand while driving, typing or texting and said to your self, "Damn! Look at my hands!" You know you put on lotion, but your hands don't look like it. So you find some lotion and reapply and will probably have to go through this again later especially after washing your hands.

The reason this happens is because the first and main ingredient in most lotions is water. Well, water doesn't hydrate the skin. If it did we wouldn't need to put anything on after a shower or bath. Think about that for a minute. Our skin is actually made to be resistant to water; not to absorb it. What the skin can absorb are nutrients, minerals and "oh no" chemicals!!

While I can't make any medical claims, just consider the facts. Shea Butter contains vitamins A, E, and F as well as healthy fatty acids. Coconut Oil contains vitamin E, proteins and fatty acids that can be easily broken down and absorbed to protect skin. And the beauty is these vitamins are not created in a lab, they occur in these ingredients naturally.

This is why years ago, (after much research) I started using my very own whipped body butter. Skin repels water, but it absorbs the natural ingredients found in Bare Body Oasis whipped body butter. Treat yourself to the nutrients that come from Shea Butter, coconut oil and essential oils.

Bare Body Oasis

Treat Yourself

Whipped Body Butter

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