Enjoy the warm decadent scent and feel of Orange Jazz Clove whipped body butter.  While essential oils have an array of benefits, here are just a few of the benefits in Orange Jazz Clove Whipped Body Butter.  Orange oil contains vitamin C and naturally reduces stress and anxiety.  Clove oil is known as a natural antiseptic which gives it the ability to aid in the reduction of mild to moderate acne as well as other skin conditions.  Jasmine oil is known to release serotonin which stimulates energy and improves mood. You can see the essential oils tab to find out some of the other benefits of these essential oils.  This whipped body butter is slightly firm, but soft enough to yield when scooped.  It not only hydrates the skin, but nourishes it as well and a little goes a long way.  Simply scoop the whipped butter with your fingers (back scoop if you have long nails) lay in your palm, rub your hands and spread this warm smelling treat all over your skin.  You will notice lasting hydration with daily use.

Orange Jazz Clove Whipped Body Butter

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