Cinnamon Clove Ylang Ylang starts with a wonderful blend of ingredients that differ from our signature base ingredients, but still provide an array of nourishing skin benefits.  Shea butter can still be found in this new butter blend.  Shea butter has such a concentration of vitamins and fatty acids that make our butters the ideal skin product for protecting the skins natural oils while reducing dry skin.  Did you know Shea butter protects skin from UV rays of the sun with an SPF of ~6?  Our products are not being sold as medicinal alternatives, but many of the ingredients contained in our butters have been researched for centuries and are believed to improve skin conditions.  For example, the Aloe Vera Oil is known to improve eczema, acne, psoriasis, and skin ulcers.  It promotes cell regeneration and epidermal growth promoting quicker recovery from the side effects of harmful radiation.  Apricot oil’s fine texture easily penetrates the skin, which promotes more prompt healing and nourishment of sore or chapped skin without an oily feeling.  Vitamin E fights off free radicals ultimately reducing the signs of wrinkles in the skin.  These are just the base ingredients.  Go to our essential oils page to see the benefits of the cinnamon oil, clove oil and ylang ylang oil which are in our Cinnamon Clove Ylang Ylang butter.  This blend was made because someone close to me has allergies to peanut, almond and cocunut and could never enjoy the benefits of our traditional base recipe.  Privately it is known as "sister's blend".  

Cinnamon Clove Ylang Ylang Body Butter

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