Essential oils are the oils that come from the best part of the many varieties of  plant life found in nature, and its many uses traces back to ancients times.   

Orange oil is used domestically to add flavor to a variety of foods and recipes, but it also has many other benefits.  Orange oil is soothing and the scent is so sweet that it actually improves your mood.  The new buzz word when talking about skin is collagen.  Collagen is found throughout the entire body, but without getting scientific what's good to know is that it is in the skin.  That's important to know because orange oil stimulates collagen and could prolong its structure in the skin.  So orange oil can help improve the look of ones skin and resist the changes skin goes through.

Lavender oil is known for being fragrant and has been used for centuries to make perfumes and potpourri's. It is non-toxic and should be safe for all skin types. Lavender is  known to promote soothing calming feelings resulting in relaxation which is why it is commonly used to induce sleep and reduce anxiety. 

Lavender Oil

Jasmine has several benefits, but also has some things that should be taken into consideration.  Although it is not toxic those with sensitive skin should definitely perform a skin patch test before using since it can be an irritant for some. It does well however in reducing scars and stretch marks.  Jasmine has an aromatic sweet smell and is thought to boost emotions and sensuality which results in a boost in sexual intimacy.  It is also used to reduce symptoms of (PMS) pre-menstrual syndrome, but should not be used during pregnancy because it can cause the uterus to contract.